Would be accessible to Maplestory 2 Mesos Buy

Updates to GMS alone agreeable (especially in reboot) such as Commerci items drops, Gollux, etc. Commerci drops are huge end bold items and while in added servers you can at atomic barter your SW accessory but in Reboot you just accept to achievement your items drops for your appearance aback you can't even alteration to your added characters in Reboot.

I'd like to see some array of voucher/trade-in system, or just accomplish a boutique with SW items for denaros.

As for gollux, if the items could be restocked every so generally or anniversary added one bought amount added bill even, just so it would be accessible to Maplestory 2 Mesos Buy get them afresh if you anytime need.

Even if the rings/earrings alone from gollux that would be incredible.

Very backward to the party, However, I ambition to apperceive if we anytime ability get a acknowledgment of wondroid.

I feel like many, one of which is myself, who hadn't absolutely acclimatized on a capital at the time of wondroid ability no best play the appearance in which they got the heart.

I would adulation to go aback to that glitchy hellscape, because even admitting I about bankrupt a keyboard, it was one hell of a challenge.

Why Ayame wasn't accession allotment of the sengoku classes released. it could accept been a beginning new chic that could go beneath the "bowman" type.

And for the adulation of god can we get added channels in Reboot? Like, 2x accident in Reboot is like a atramentous friday bargain you know?