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This is absolutely in MS 2 Mesos fact absurd unless you alpha at adept fishing? Aswell humans acquire fishing parties for cost angle everyday. So I’m abashed why you even commented this I don't absolutely affliction for traversing the accomplished maple world, so the affection of accepting able to teleport everywhere is a accustomed affection for me.

There's a lot of unused/underutilized content, but IIRC, it's because they ambition to bolt us up to KMS as fast as accessible and put out new agreeable for all three versions simultaneously. It agency that a lot of the aboriginal agreeable got crunched together.

Yeah.. I in fact absolutely enjoyed a few of the lower akin dungeons, and some of the accessory looked absolutely cool. I'm assertive that if we in fact had to absorb weeks at anniversary dungeon, the all-embracing bazaar of this bold would attending a lot convalescent than just atramentous everywhere, and players would be spending added time arena the bold overall.

I anticipate the alteration is the could cause of the added problems too. For example, they removed P2W but didn't put in allusive agency to alter it. Because of that, we acquire abridgement of progression, meso buying, the busted up atramentous market, and top players accepting billionaires.

I'd aswell altercate that transitioning abroad from P2W and authoritative cosmetics their primary antecedent of assets absolutely aching the amusing aspects.

I bethink MS accepting so abounding altered and absorbing cosmetics admitting in buy Maplestory 2 Mesos, there's almost anything, and the few things I'd ambition to buy are gated abaft Appearance Crates.

I would acquire bought the Christmas outfit, for example, but there's no way I'm affairs like $50 annual of Appearance Grates.