These credibility can be captivated for Maplestory M Mesos

Just browsed the subreddit and googled this a bunch. Are you abiding you can advisedly change? I apprehend you can alone change 1 time to a chic and aback afresh and that was it, and you couldn't change your abject class.

Players can acquire up to 1,000 credibility per anniversary and save up to 3,000 credibility in absolute by commutual assorted tasks in-game. 

These credibility can be captivated for Maplestory M Mesos a individual Chic Change, which costs 1,000 points. Upon Chic Change, the players’ chic aspect credibility are displace to be spent afresh on the new chic of choice. Existing Rank Displace Vouchers are repurposed as Chic Change Vouchers that accord players credibility for chic change if used.

I apperceive I commented on your added animadversion just now, but reiterating, this was an accident because they did a huge analysis of the chic system. There's 5 abject classes, and you can alone change amid abject classes ONCE (because they confused classes around, they are giving humans the advantage to change their abject chic because the chic they played could no best even be in that abject chic tree).

However, you can change your classes as abundant as you ambition as continued as you accept the credibility to be able to do so, as continued as it's aural the aforementioned abject chic tree.

So Clerics can add 3 jobs assimilate them. For example, Oracle, Druid, and Exorcist. You could absolutely change all 3 of these classes to altered classes (as continued as they're still in the apostolic tree) as continued as you accept the points. 

You will accept to bullwork for the Maplestory m buy mesos points, so it's not as chargeless of a arrangement as you may want, but if you affliction something down the alleyway or the meta shifts, you're able to adapt your character's chic to something that you anticipate is bigger or apparel your needs better.

If I am a Cleric-Druid at akin 80 or so and change to a Cleric-Exorcist and again aback to Cleric-Druid, do I get to keep/use the aforementioned exact abilities and accomplishment levels I got if I aboriginal became a Cleric-Druid?