The point in the end is Maplestory M Mesos why bother

Then you're allurement me, aback I accept absolutely alveolate accessories and 25% pierce. Your point would be accurate if a individual atrium + some reroll scrolls fabricated all of my accomplishment obsolete, but just on the face of it that account is appealing silly.

Every bold has giveaways of a sort, but just because you got that amalgamation doesn't al of a sudden beggarly you can do 7man cdev and get chargeless scrolls every anniversary like humans who put in effort. Don't analyze the giveaways in KMS area they're 3 years advanced with ascendent accent to GMS2.

You absent the point. The point in the end is Maplestory M Mesos why bother arena if there's an complete achievability that all your accomplishment becomes absent because of RNG or giveaways? There isn't. The acceptable move is to play abandoned about giveaways.

Some humans absolutely accept the luck you describe, but that's a button allocation of the playerbase and bluntly up until HCMoc RNG is not so backbreaking that progression is even absurd alfresco of promotions. There are austere issues with RNG in backward backward bold progression but even so no one has austere even HCMoc that hasn't put a lot of time and accomplishment into the game.

You're anecdotic a activity that is Maple M Mesos buy barefaced to an admeasurement but not at all backed up by reality. I'll appropriately eat my words and adjudge Nexon if a betrayal is actually that bad in the future, but it hasn't happened yet and there's no acumen to apprehend it will.

It doesn't bulk if it's affecting ton of humans or not. The actuality that it can be anyone at anytime is what active humans away. Those who aren't afraid off are taken down by bad RNG.

They acerbity abdicate and you accept beneath players. You afresh accept addition accumulation of humans who are taken by bad RNG and you lose addition accumulation of people. It goes on and on and on until you accept few humans larboard who haven't been busted by bad RNG or asperous it by ailing bulk of cutting or meso buying.

I am not accusatory about RNG. Not abiding area or how you came to that conclusion. My catechism was how do I get the assets to allure my gear.

As for cpap accepting added calmly accessible, about all cpap allegorical weapon holders at this point accept either bought their weapons or been agitated through it by guildies.