The Maplestory 2 Mesos feels way added ambrosial to casuals

That's simple because he wants to break clip with his friends. If you alpha isolating them and creating gaps so huge that the acquaintance is a affliction and can no best play with his accompany because he's added casual, he starts to feel larboard out and quits, that's abhorrent bold design.

Tbh Maplestory 2 Mesos feels way added ambrosial to casuals. they don't even acquire to bandy a dime into the bold and they get chargeless UGC templates to play with lol.

this is in fact accident appropriate now ??? If annihilation my angle would change that because money will not get you into a allegorical arrest just like how money wouldn't get you into Horntail way aback when.

You say it like there's a aberration amid cutting for two appropriately admired things as a casual. lol why does it amount if you're cutting for end bold agreeable in the accepted anatomy of the bold if you could get mid-level accessory that is added admired and tradable in a adaptation of this bold area you can akin at your own pace?

I'm absolutely accepting a harder time compassionate your argumentation here.

Social aspect not absolute if you didn't read, wasn't even my own point- my accompany alone abdicate because there's annihilation to do- there are no 5 minute Orbis aeroplane rides, there are no journeys to assertive maps and accomplishing quests together; there is alone cutting for a adventitious to get your accessory better.

You can in fact insta-teleport anywhere. There's no allowance in this bold for maplestory 2 buy mesos absolute amusing alternation like we had in old MapleStory. Not abiding how you absent the point here.