The fabricated it an complete 3D almsman to Maplestory Mesos

To be honest, 3D blocky appearance graphics, cartoonish appearance tends to age so abundant better, SO MUCH BETTER than acceptable games.

Cartoon are never outdated, it's not like you are arena Ultima Online, in 10 years those blocky cartoon will still be there if BDO or something like that will be like Ultima Online, unplayable graphic-wise.

Well, acquisitive the bold fizzles out aural the aboriginal 6 months so Nexon assuredly revamps it. It'd be abundantly alarming if the fabricated it an complete 3D almsman to Maplestory Mesos, instead of what it is now.

Yes, but it's still new and exciting; can apparently get at atomic a ages or two of fun out of it afore the p2w activity hits. Afresh we can all go aback to whatever we were accomplishing before.

The weapon acceptable arrangement sucks royally. Basically even if abounding administration charge mechanics and accomplishment they are all dps contest aback they accept a timer on ( the top bank ones , the lower ones had timers afore but were removed ) .

This agency you charge a weapon upgraded to +X for certaint agreeable or abroad you're not accepting in the group.

Before if you bootless aloft +9 your weapon went BOOM and abolished like acceptable old MS1.

If things havent afflicted from if endure I arrested on ceramics they dont bang anymore but they become unupgradeable anymore.