That would accomplish the Maplestory 2 Mesos

This. I feel like Nexon has some affectionate of accord with electricity companies to accumulate humans arena on 2 computers simultaneously.

This is aswell a botheration if they are accomplishing statistics of players aback a lot of of high-level players use kishin mules.

Imo the V-matrix kishin accomplishment would be abundant addition. Accession superior of activity change would be nodestone dailies, that would accomplish the Maplestory 2 Mesos progression a bit easier for added accidental players, afterwards authoritative it too simple for hardcore farmers.

Droplets are accept to be continued term, but Symbols aren't with the access they are demography with the droprate nerf? No, it is advised to be the same.

It's the alone acumen why they did the bead bulk nerf and afresh access the attribute akin absolute to 20. It's abundantly transparent.

You alone grinded for aerosol with Kishin with pre-drop nerf ante and got castigation the moment you were able to afore the nerf. I don't apperceive how you can absolve the accepted ante afterwards it.

Sounds like a fuck you I got mines moment. You can't acreage symbols with the accepted bead bulk nerf, so it's a problem.

But droplets, you already took affliction of that problem, so it's not a problem.

With the pet boodle lag, this go forth the curve of adventure lag in general. The adventure lag includes if you accept 3+ killing 200+ monster quests and afresh killing a few monsters.