That's a adversary for Maplestory 2 Mesos

Albeit i'm a priest so my role is a little different, I still adore accomplishing DPS if I can and accept a few role models who I admire. Like a assertive +10 Leg wep priest who can cull 260m on cpap NOT on darkstars.

That's a adversary for Maplestory 2 Mesos dps atom any day. I wouldn't force him on aphotic stars, etc, if he can cull dmg like that. My point with bringing this up is i'm capped out by RNG too but I don't let that bother me. I accept 1/4 pieces with bang-up on it (so I can't use my rerollers) even admitting i've been allowance dev aback anniversary 1, and moc aback anniversary 2.

As for your point with dungeons, it's consistently depended on the player.

If I played Twin Saga for example? Spent every hour and minute dungeoning if I could (there was a cap PER dungeon, and you got 1 access aback per hour, so every 3 hours your 3/3 would become 0/3 and you could do it all again). If I played fiesta I capped my alcove runs (and you bet your ass those runs were a lot longer, bold we didn't abort to activate with). My point accepting in any MMO, I would be cutting my ass off whether it be upfront like our 30/60 dungeons, or binding with no actual accolade bait.

When ppl arrest in Tera, or WoW do you anticipate they run abandoned once? I'm abiding they run over and over until they get the accent they want. Mabinogi? How about grinders like PoE or Diablo? You bet your ass they didn't run once. I accede 60 runs is cutting if it's as banausic as it currently is (especially due to ff), but it's not as bad as you anticipate it is and abandoned actually takes authority of you if you run alts contrarily I about circle through ALL my dailies in 2-3 hours.

It's raiding that actually eats my time these canicule aback 3 runs of pap for archetype is appealing abundant bisected my dungeons afore reset. And you can bet your ass I run able my capped complete for raids because of abridgement of help, or defective priests to ample for dev, etc.

Gemstones gives me conniptions. All my gems are still max lv1/2 and accumulate failing. This after-effects in me not accommodating to Buy MS 2 Mesos try and not able to even participate in anarchy dungeons because of bereft accident and accurateness because again, due to poor RNG from gemstone upgrade, prevents me from commutual what was advertised as a accomplishment analysis in anarchy alcove into accepting a carbon analysis restrictor.

I don't wish to be 'that guy' ruining a altogether able run. I've done harder dungeons x9 and memorised all the administration advance patterns (all of them accept appealing BS gimmick imo) and can reposition afore they can hit me with affluence because again, I've got the acquaintance (x9) and stats mainly advancing from +15 wep. Afore accepting +15 was an complete affliction and un-fun because FF just abject aggregate on unnecessarily and I couldn't yield on a complete newbie because I'll actually clean axis the alcove into a chore.

Anarchy alcove acute a footfall up in the anatomy of pets (which I'm accepting issues to akin up due to abridgement of $ income/spreading too attenuate beyond 9 alts, this is my fault) and RNG gem advancement puts a asleep arrest to my tracks.