That is not advertence the Maplestory Mesos

If you wish a absolute and absolute analysis on the crumbling acceptance of the game, you can analyze the likes/comments bulk in this sub to a brace of months aback application an internet archive.

That is not advertence the Maplestory Mesos arguments from pros as to why the bold is in a bad aggressive atom appropriate now. Maybe you should in actuality appoint in able altercation rather than abandon arguments whose cessation you don't like.

PUBG advertising is still appealing arresting in Korea and China (Source: I visited all 3 East-Asian countries in the contempo 2 months). Humans in Korea play Pubg even on their phones, you can't acquaint me that buzz gaming isn't a affair anymore.

Seriously, I may not like fortnite abundant but it's bright that the bold has a ton of affliction put into it. PUBG is just an unoptimized asset cast with no body that got accepted somehow.

At atomic Epic in actuality seems to affliction about accepting a able-bodied able artefact and befitting things fresh, and isn't captivated aback by GOTTA BE GRITTY AND REALISITC.

At one point fifa and maplestory took its atom but not for too long. It absolutely bead beneath 5% at atomic during Division 8 or 9 if PUBG is accepting so abundant attention.

Maplestory is still absolutely accepted XD abnormally in Korea. Even actuality in adorn i apprehend some humans still play it. If I bethink accurately Nexon still owns Maplestory so its still absolutely popular.

I bethink Jehong arena it with admirers before.

It was a fun mmo to play during top academy but I anticipate the bold is appealing asleep in the west now. It aswell has a lot of pay 2 win aspects with the accessory of you plan on arena it a lot, but just arena accidentally and not aiming for end bold it shouldn't matter.

I fabricated a acceptable bulk of accompany during my time playing, not abiding how the amusing ability is now though!