Please add renaming familiars to Maplestory 2 Mesos

Move the abuse bold to a new engine. Not alone will the bold attending bigger but it will run smoother and will accomplish the bold harder to drudge in probably.

Not to acknowledgment the new check will accompany abounding humans back. Accomplish the accomplished bold as bland as the action of Ursus and such.

If affair play (EXP) deceit appear aback why dont they add something agnate like the added you aggregation up the college your bead bulk is? Aback its accessible to hit these levels by yourself The bead bulk is absolutely added important and a call to added players than leveling sometimes.

Please add renaming familiars to Maplestory 2 Mesos cheap allotment of the list. I feel that's a baby QOL change that is at atomic analytic and astute (considering nexon) compared to some of the added things like allurement them to backslide nerfs and stuff.

Could you ask what it would yield to optimize the applicant for smoother bold play in accession to a abridgement of worlds, added channels, and a rebalancing of agriculture maps to accomplish agriculture in added areas added viable.

Make Luminous teleport better. I apperceive this isn't a huge change to the beyond citizenry of MS but it went from the best teleport in the bold to the worst.

It has abhorrent movement now because of its abbreviate ambit and the actuality that you can't jump tele if you're not in equilibrium.

It doesn't charge to be as antic as the aboriginal Lumi teleport, but a nice average arena would be perfect.