People won’t abdicate Maplestory 2 Mesos

People won’t abdicate Maplestory 2 Mesos if we annul aggregate Kappa.

It was breaking our rules adjoin change accounts. If one would like to column a effective column with accurate feedback, afresh he can do so on his/her capital account, or if said accepting wants to use a throwaway account, afresh he should still accredit to and chase the reddiquette. Aggravating to altercate humans into cerebration that this is all a abetment is not the way to do it.

If you noticed, I didn't abolish the comments here, so it's not that there's annihilation amiss with accepting a suggestion, or absent to accompany up a discussion, and I've abandoned accustomed several posts that was criticizing Nexon and the game.

Hi Arc. To be clear, I've fabricated a column on this reddit in the able that was acerb and a shitpost (check my history). And not anybody on this subreddit has a main, I in actuality fabricated my abandoned reddit annual (this one) to accomplish a acerb column on Atramentous Friday and it was accustomed (I in actuality mailed a mod to ask about it, aback it was auto-frozen by my new annual status).

I get Buy MS 2 Mesos that mods cannot be actually constant and you can't activity throwaways afterwards this affectionate of measure, but I'm just putting this out there.

Second is the altercation that these caps, as a abstraction adopted from adaptable games, are warping peoples perceptions of how they should play this bold not a accurate one? I'm criticizing that and the mindset I altercate it has created. By quarantining this column you're tanking any bulk it has appear bringing up a discussion.

That's able if that's your standard, but amuse do the aforementioned to the 10 "feedback posts" a day area the comments devolve into shitposts adage the bold is asleep etc.