Optimize the applicant for Cheap Maplestory Mesos

Could you ask what it would yield to optimize the applicant for Cheap Maplestory Mesos smoother bold play in accession to a abridgement of worlds, added channels, and a rebalancing of agriculture maps to accomplish agriculture in added areas added viable.

Make Luminous teleport better. I apperceive this isn't a huge change to the beyond citizenry of MS but it went from the best teleport in the bold to the worst. It has abhorrent movement now because of its abbreviate ambit and the actuality that you can't jump tele if you're not in equilibrium. It doesn't charge to be as antic as the aboriginal Lumi teleport, but a nice average arena would be perfect.

Weird tangent, but do you apperceive if others were arrive to appear this accident as appropriate guests in a agnate appearance to you?

If not it wouldnt be camp if this was a accommodated and accost some companies do afore accepting new talent, do you anticipate nexon ability be eyeing you for a cm and would you do it?

Fix the adventure lines. Maplestory aback in the day was so engagin with the quests and it acquainted rewarding. Delete the superfluous, advance what is necessary. Accomplish it coherent.

Remote PQ signup, agnate to how Ursus is designed. Nexon has fabricated several attempts to disclose PQs but abort to accouterment this issue.

Players are actual abrupt now and will leave the PQ access if it isn't ever alive appropriately authoritative it harder for those who are accommodating to wait.

Agnate to the bargain house, we don't charge to apperceive who our affair associates are as continued as they accommodated the requirements to PQ with us.