Nexon is removing the Maplestory 2 Items

Yeah the abandoned affair added backward than a 9 day headstart in an mmo are the humans in actuality arresting it in this thread.why would i buy a founders backpack for buy Maplestory 2 Mesos a bold thats accepting appear in a ages an a bisected with no abstraction about how big the bold is gonna get? can be a complete dud in which case i would rather go mcdonalds and advance in a few big macs.

He's adage that if he drops money on the bold and it flops he gets jack bits out of it. Whereas at atomic he can eat a big mac.

Nexon is removing the Maplestory 2 Items a lot of pay to win aspect of their game. By accomplishing this they lose out on so abundant money. The founders packs is a acceptable way for them to accomplish money that won’t breach the game.

Abiding 9 canicule is a lot, but this isn’t a race. It’s a abuse game. If you’re not accommodating to carapace out cash, afresh acutely you’re not hardcore abundant to affliction about accepting abaft that far. So stop complaining, you can’t change it.

This is about the stupidest affair you can possibly say. If you are black about a company's business move you accuse to accomplish them and added gaming companies realise it's not what humans want. You shouldn't break bashful about a backward accommodation just because you apparently can't change it.

I anticipate it's important to bethink if you aren't paying, that you arent a chump you are a player, a bulk to allure barter your bulk to them is absolutely based on you accidental to a association for the paying players.

That is to say abundantly your assessment doesn't bulk unless you pay; which is accurate in a lot of aspects of life.