My bigger complaint with Maplestory 2 Mesos

That's apparently my bigger complaint with Maplestory 2 Mesos avant-garde MMOs. sure, i don't anticipate i'd adore it if it took months and months to get to akin cap and if it took me canicule of cutting to get one level, but seriously, i don't charge to hit the cap in a few days.

I alternate to SWTOR afresh and i had this problem: i was akin 20-something afore accepting off the aboriginal planet. even afterwards disabling the bifold XP accident that was traveling on, i was in my 40s afore accepting to my third planet... and this was afterwards accomplishing ANY added content.

I don't apperception a brace weeks of leveling, seriously.

I feel like a lot of the agreeable you ask for accurately like affair dungeons and adapted items appear from maplestory 1 accepting over a decade old compared to Maple Story 2 Mesos buy accepting 3 months old.

A little ancillary agenda I forgot: I absolutely enjoyed fishing but I in fact bent all the angle in like a day. Just shows how messed up this game's pacing is.

They abiding do. However, a lot of dungeons are ailing advised alfresco of raids; some are unique. They adeptness acquire accustomed up on those dungeons and sped up progression to akin 50.

At atomic dejected weapons were allusive if I started, may the abatement of the akin cap accompany you back.