My best allegory is Maplestory 2 Mesos on steroids

Having a 3D apple instead of 2D is such a above aberration that a lot of mechanics and just incomparable. But classes like the astrologer and being acquire agnate abilities like the abracadabra claws which admonish me of beforehand on maplestory. No anytime crazy stuff, which fabricated the afterwards versions of MS1 feel too clunky.

The maps has some agnate areas but it takes abode in a altered time. You'll actually stop into henesys perion etc but the accomplished worlds altered and seems to be bigger.

Things like POHs, GOHs, minigames, and the bays arrangement for achievements accomplish the bold a lot added advantageous to do added things than just bullwork analogously to the aboriginal one area you could hop into HHG and acreage mobs.

The adventure band aswell currently takes you through akin 1-50, and post-50 you accretion things alleged authority levels. Yada yada yada it just agency that leveling up in fact feels agreeable rather than a grind.

There's a lot added but yea I'd say actually old maplestory accordance - so you'd apparently like it a lot. There are aswell a lot of things I don't apperceive yet because some appearance aren't actuality yet from KMS and some changes aren't perm but that's the jist of it.

My best allegory is Maplestory 2 Mesos on steroids.

MS2 takes abode far in the accomplished right? I accomplishment its good, but I apperceive nexon is gonna anchor the bold harder with their acquisitive besmeared hands