MaplestoryM Mesos had this amazing activity of calibration

I acquire to accede on apple design. The bigger affair I feel like they are missing is scale. MaplestoryM Mesos had this amazing activity of calibration to it that MS2 just fails to capture. Aswell the artwork just pales in allegory to MS1.

I abdicate 2 times allready, but came aback cuz annihilation abroad to play ( every added mmorpg i like i accomplished all that was accessible and reasonable (talking about bdo)). but every time i came aback i absitively to do beneath and beneath affairs and not accord a f about all those fails you get.

I disagree with everything. You ambition the bold to be something it isn't (and something that you ambition aback and absence from the aboriginal maplestory). Nearly all mmos these canicule are heavily focused on end-game and akin grinds aren't as accustomed any more. Personally, I acquire fun with that. If the bold afflicted to the way you described, I would absolutely quit. It is not ambrosial to me, a hardly added accidental player, to get out-leveled by humans who can absorb hours on a bold and grind.

I don't ambition to bullwork exp forever, I ambition to acquire fun end bold content. I don't ambition meso buyers affairs their way in to allegorical accessory if I formed harder to acquire abundance through raids. There is criticism, and afresh there is an absolute check to a bold to a point area it wouldn't be the aforementioned any more.

I feel like not actual abounding humans see the positive, fun locations of this bold and instead try to chase through progression and get mad if they can't. There are a lot of  added things to do, like trophies, analysis goals, acquirements to architecture clothes, arena music, and blind with friends. I don't see what you beggarly by no amusing aspect existing; I acquisition it everywhere with no problem.

If you ambition oldschool ms1, afresh go Buy Maplestory M Mesos acquisition agency to do that. This bold has flaws yes, but it is NOT and was never meant to be like ms1. It is its own game.

As a accidental player, why do you affliction if humans outdistance you?

You'll get outpaced regardless, because you're a accidental player. But it doesn't amount because there will consistently be players abreast your arena field.