MapleStory has accustomed a date for the end of the actual launch

I may not anticipate it matters, but how you can alpha a video bold from your computer problems. Sometimes it's just an figure on your computer screen. Sometimes the service, and sometimes go, go to the binder absolute the bold launcher. There is no way "wrong" to do so, as continued as you play the game. That said, some developers adopt you alpha the bold on their way. This now includes MapleStory.

For some time, anybody MapleStory was uploaded can alone go to the binder with the bold and application the book GameLauncher.exe just "direct action" game. But will accept the befalling to stop this on March 23.

Now these are just some of the accidental change, we accept been boring alteration the bold bigger NEXON launcher, which is fit committed to the players of their casework not alone download the game, but also, and get updates after fuss or claimed upload / download. The Panel addendum that abounding of the players MapleStory already application NEXON launcher, and that this change be able to use the absolute control, is acceptable to accompany added humans to NEXON launcher, and appropriately to abridge the amend action and download even more.

If you charge, you can do it chargeless actuality ability not NEXON launcher. If you charge action to accomplish the about-face advanced of schedule, you get rewards from the aggregation MapleStory if you are logged into the bold back the alpha of the year, and is switched to NEXON launcher. All data on the site.

If you do not? This is your call, just remember, on March 23, you will not be able to barrage added absolute use of the option. It seems analytic to acquire the allowances of change and not be bent off bouncer if he went option.