Maplestory 2 Mesos was added of a amusing game

I anticipation Maplestory 2 Mesos was added of a amusing game. Ppl are arena this for aggressive aspect? Does it even bulk in the end?

It’s not like you’re gonna accomplish the blow of your activity to this bold -.- I could affliction beneath if it was p2w cuz ill just be adequate the bold at my own clip with my friends.

Exactly, I dont apperceive why anybody is arrant out p2w. Buy Maple Story 2 Mesos has consistently been and consistently will be a accidental amusing game.

Yeah, 99% of the players on MS2 will not accord a bits about the p2w. They'll acquire some bill ingame, apparently pay sub and acquire fun playing.

This is how a lot of of the MMO bazaar works. But there's the articulate 1% who column accepting like this, insisting that a bold should be skipped because of some inane altercation about the charge for a authentic aggressive ambiance in what a lot of amounts to PvE-focused amusing games.

I never fabricated any array of argument, i acquaint a cilia with advice apropos what could be advised p2w aspects of ms2. I aswell never said the bold should be skipped, in actuality i said the opposite:It's funny seeing humans aggravating to altercate with me about things i never even said. This cilia is absolutely cold information, except for my assessment on whether or not it's p2w, and aswell of ms2 communty/nexon at the end of the thread.

I never airish any altercation for a "pure aggressive environment". In actuality i acquaint no altercation at all. I declared absolutely facts, and my assessment on whether i advised the advice in the cilia to be p2w or not.

I'm absolutely in favor of banknote boutique accepting accepting sellable.

I've played on ragnarok online admiral and a few altered amateur by Aeria Games, all would be acutely P2W by this subs standards but a lot of humans played those amateur for free, application gold to buy sub+whatever else.