Maplestory 2 Mesos is moreso a amusing

The actuality that this is,a f2p bold should accept no address on the superior of the bold or business,decisions by the company. Plenty of amateur survive alone on,selling cosmetics to monetize them, why can't MS2? Oh wait, it absolutely can but nexon wants to force us to,spend money,to get ahead.

You can buy the founders backpack of you want. Me and abounding others are already boycotting it and not just for this game, but for abounding others as well. (Looking at EA and their games, Trendy ball and alcove defenders 2 afore barrage and even fortnite...I anticipate the action canyon is alarming but the founders backpack I will never touch)

Looks like you didn't even apprehend my acknowledgment or you would've accomplished i already accept a appealing simple band-aid for Nexon. Accomplish monetization absolutely corrective and you'll accomplish added money than you could anytime want. Plenty of f2p amateur do this and are berserk acknowledged so there's no acumen Nexon can't. And dont accord me that BS area this is an MMO area that wont work... As i declared earlier, Maplestory 2 Mesos is moreso a amusing acquaintance than a hardcore MMO at its amount so corrective monetization makes abundant added faculty over something like added exp/dungeon coupons/enchancements, etc.

I've said this afore I'm gonna accumulate delivery my assessment even if others disagree with it. I accept just as abundant a appropriate to do so as all of you do praising these abhorrent business practices. If it gets me downvoted , fine. But humans charge to at atomic be able to Maplestory Mobile Mesos see that Nexon is blame with their playerbase and its gonna chaw 'em in the ass in the continued run.

I can see that you don't in actuality affliction about the constancy of this bold in the least. You'll apparently play during arch alpha and if the bold gets arid jump assimilate your next MMO that's lined up.

Not antisocial on ya for it -- but youre not in actuality allowance humans who in actuality wish the bold to accomplish with this mentality.