Maplestory 2 Mesos in actuality abandoned has to action

Not that it in actuality affairs in a bold like this (except for the hardcore powergamers), but humans will ask "why do these humans get to blitz advanced of the crowd".

The humans who play F2P MMORPG's will rarely aswell play B2P FPS/Shooting games, so Maplestory 2 Mesos in actuality abandoned has to action those endure 3. The bold seems to be accepting a lot of acceptable columnist too, acknowledgment to their contempo monetization and appear content.. well, except for the headstart.

if you guys in actuality cared afresh just buy the founder's backpack and stop accusatory lol, be animated that it's still f2p and lacks a lot of of the p2w aspects of ms1. The actuality stands that they charge a way to abutment the game, and if you wish to abide arena a chargeless game, afresh the humans who are accommodating to pay should get added benefits. Paying money consistently gets you something, but as continued as progression is not blocked abaft a paywall, afresh accord with it. Stop complaining, or buy a founder's backpack yourself and abutment MS2 Mesos.

you are addled if u feel this lil achievement is traveling to armamentarium nexon for the next year or 2. this is a association bold like ms1 and a lot of the money is gonna appear from micro affairs from their amateur abject like ms1 (if they amusement their amateur abject good). the bold hasnt even appear out and they are blame humans to buy their can u apprehend the approaching to attending like?

How do u apprehend the fanbase to acknowledge if the bold is already a moneygrabat this stage? HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT A GAME THAT DOESNT EVEN EXIST? addled fool throwing money into the dark, for all you apperceive the advertising would be asleep by afresh and bisected the aboriginal fanbase already airing away.

I never said this abandoned would armamentarium the bold for years lol... also, its people’s accident to buy a backpack for a bold that isn’t in actuality out, but its their choice.

If all you’re traveling to do is accuse about the accompaniment of the game, afresh don’t even bother playing. Aswell amazing insult, but I haven’t bought a pack, so you can abdicate the bottomless accusations.