Maplestory 2 Mesos has waaayyy to abounding servers

What about the nodestone bead rate? My capital is 213. I accept 0 5th job abilities at akin 2 because I can't accretion the nodes and I haven't activate the nodestones I want.

For ambience I accomplished in cabalistic river aback 207. Personally I've activate 5th job to be acutely atramentous as I can't assume to accretion abundant nodes to even get my skills.

The one affair that Maplestory requires the a lot of is a accurate VISUAL SERVER MERGE. No amount how acceptable a bold is, new players will ALWAYS adjudge adjoin arena a bold if they accept it is dead.

Maplestory 2 Mesos has waaayyy to abounding servers which not alone is alarming to new players but makes the bold attending asleep due to the low amateur calculation in them all ( except reboot, bera, and Scania).

These apple alliances do NOTHING to break the problem. Not alone is it ambagious to new players that alliances servers can play calm but aren't the aforementioned server and leads to its own deluge of questions, but it doesn't break the botheration of all the servers apart actualization to be asleep from server alternative screen.

I ambition the accuracy affection could be fabricated into a customizable affection abundant like the accomplishment effects.

I aswell ambition to see a affection which lets you change the accuracy of accident curve because that would accredit lower end computers to bang-up afterwards worries.