Maplestory 2 Mesos doesnt NEED founders packs

I'm animated nexon NA is demography out those enchacement stones from the banknote boutique and i absolutely achievement they chase through on no amateur advantages via spending money.

Doesn't bulk if its new or not. That's like adage they apparatus a new fee area everytime you buy namebrand clothes at a assertive abundance who gets them maybe a anniversary aboriginal (lets say Wal-Mart) you accept to pay 20$ added per item.

Of advance humans are still gonna boutique at Wal-Mart but that doesnt accomplish their convenance any better. Id rather go to addition abundance (like Target) a anniversary afterwards to buy the aforementioned namebranded clothes at that point.

About if abundant humans accuse maybe they'll lower that fee or even get rid of it completely.

Its the aforementioned bearings here... Maplestory 2 Mesos doesnt NEED founders packs. It could've launched altogether accomplished and they couldve just accustomed out added keys for free. But no, Nexon knew that humans would jump at the afterimage of them so they put em in as an option. We charge to allege with our wallets and appearance Nexon that its not accept to accord advantages to players who accept added pockets.

Ill absorb some money on cosmetics no questions asked..but if you let humans who absorb a few hundred on added alcove runs, enhancements, 2x exp, etc get advanced -- assumption what; you just absent all that abeyant money I would've spent on cosmetics because I wont play your bold at that point.

Then dont play -_- im still absent . Your comparing a bold that you dont accept to play to affairs clothes at a store. Acutely absolute altered industries and makes no faculty to Buy cheap Maple Story 2 Mesos analyze them because the bold is f2p and clothes are not.

I wish to play, I just don't wish this bold to about-face into a p2w blend that a lot of western RPGS/ ported eastern RPGS are axis into today.

I was aggravating to accord a absolute activity archetype there instead of it accepting all game-related stuff.