Long-time Maple story 2 Mesos amateur here

I've never played the PC adaptation either. My additional burn is around absurd to advance with auto at this point admitting it took me 15 revives to do this endure quest. You aswell can't auto about any of the dungeons which are appealing important, fwiw. I anticipate it's a lot beneath "set it and overlook it" than L2R which I played for weeks.

Long-time Maple story 2 Mesos amateur here. Uninstall the adaptable version, it is traveling to be authentic garbage. Aswell uninstall the PC version, it is already garbage.

Currently adequate it. Sad to see you guys bashing it. They accept auto play but its bound to 2hrs a day. Afterwards the tutorial, the bold gets arduous and i acquisition myself dying a bit actuality and there. Action is acceptable ol' maplestory action as it were.

From the comments i see here... "uninstalled if i saw auto play" or "fucking brainless this hot debris p2w". the items in the banknote boutique are corrective or time savers.

its a adaptable bold so it would crave anyone to get the files of it to alpha a pserver. but it does its job, and aback it appeals to a beyond audience, theyll try to amuse them.

Only affair on the boutique that hurts are the cubes and still thats just for potentials which I can buy on the Trade Station with mesos.As anyone who had never played maplestory 2 buy mesos, but consistently admired the bold and belief I had heard, I in fact had my affection set on this bold accepting the absorbing one I had heard about for so long.