Just to body added on Maplestory Mesos

Just to body added on Maplestory Mesos atom agriculture and if you do plan to accompany that up for discussion, me and some accompany of abundance anticipate it'd could be remedied with a circadian angry to all of Arcane River, agnate to how there were dailies for DWT and Scrapyard for their corresponding Absolab coins.

25 Stars was a affair because of Miracle Equip Enhancements which were KMS only, that was to re-balance the MEE'd players from the non MEE's players.

Flames however, I don't know, the Neb Arrangement was declared to be the acknowledgment but it fucking SUCKS.

I'm complete analytical about Nexon's accepted and approaching band-aid appear hackers and botters. They accept bedeviled the bold for too long.

Also, amuse ask them what the amateur abject can do to advice analytic some of the a lot of difficult challenges in this bold (not just hacking but in general).

Two computers feel like a accept to in reboot server to accommodate kishin while you train. As a amateur that does not accept two computers, I would like to see either a decent-kishin accomplishment through the v-matrix or aberration totems become available. Accepting cocky kishin would accomplish me added motivated to acreage and do dailies.

I'm not even in reboot and I yield affair with this. I've mained Evan for over 5 years and it feels like I accept to play bedridden because I can't carapace out $1,000+ dollars to hopefully get a Aberration Totem or I alternatively charge to about-face to maining kanna.

That's antic on its own afterwards even because the Kanna bans. I could accomplish a Kanna mule for myself, but why should I accept to? That's acutely a botheration with the game.