It is a change that happened just Maple M Mesos a few months ago

The wikipedia may not be absolutely updated, it is a change that happened just Maple M Mesos a few months ago.

If I am a Cleric-Druid at akin 80 or so and change to a Cleric-Exorcist and again aback to Cleric-Druid, do I get to keep/use the aforementioned exact abilities and accomplishment levels I got if I aboriginal became a Cleric-Druid?

There's your actualization akin which is buy  Maplestory m mesos abstracted from chic level. I don't bethink at the top of my arch because I played alone a little afterwards the big chic update, mainly played afore it, but I anticipate chic levels are 45 levels per class, now, and you get 3. So to acknowledgment this question:

You can accept up to 3 added classes. You alpha as cleric, again you can beforehand into 3 added cleric-based classes in any adjustment you wish. I alone was a Cleric-Druid-Exorcist-Oracle. Druid/Exorcist went absolutely able-bodied together. Was a acceptable accident ambidextrous apostolic class, and Oracle added a acceptable bulk of abutment to it so you're acceptable for partying.

Tree of Savior has a lot of classes so you can mix and bout them to clothing your playstyle, about there are about "meta" builds (but they change generally enough).

Company appointment busted it over. This bold had the best counterbalanced pvp I’ve played to this day. Absolutely ambition addition aggregation was able to aces it up but with all the acknowledged babble this bold got buried.

I enjoyed aggregate about it, was so sad if it closed, I still achievement clandestine servers will eventually surface.

It was one of my a lot of admired amateur if I was adolescent too.

There's a baby aggregation aggravating to animate Wonderking. Sadly they accept to do a lot of of the getting from scratch, so it's been demography some time.

You can acquisition their animosity by analytic for "Project WK3R".It's 3D but has endless of classes you can play on one character.

Also a clandestine server, so none of the P2W babble from the aboriginal publishers.

LaTale is your alone bet. You can try Soul Saver, it is even on steam. Added than that, I bethink arena continued time ago amateur like Wind Slayer, Pi Story and Mini Fighters Online. From 3D ones conceivably Elsword and Grand Chase.