Inconsistent even for Maplestory M Mesos

Obtaining ability is a affliction in the butt, RNG for accent is a affliction in the butt, FF too. I got cool advantageous on my assassin's, bandit priest, berserker and wiz one borer +11 to +14 but my RB, charlatan and Archer suffered, accepting up to 110 Failstacks (I did not apperceive any bigger aback then) but still +13.

My afflicted acquaintance quitted because she was still +12 and >100 FS, arena abandoned 1 character. The RNG is too agrarian and inconsistent even for Maplestory M Mesos accent astute because attributes are loaded with debris you would not want. Re-rolls trends appear the aforementioned bottomward administration aptitude appear lower numbers and acute accepting a aggressive ambiguous stat.

Additional notes: dailies are a daydream alongaide the ashen abeyant of lifeskills. Accepting to clump through ~1hr of circadian afore accepting able to alpha arena the bold dead it for me. Dropping Lifeskills all calm acquainted way bigger but I still had to do 'Get rich' at atomic accustomed or I'll be declaring defalcation because abridgement of ability assets with aggregate you do accepting a HUGE meso sink.

For your reference, I accept 6 characters at max acquisition activity abilities (I accord up on crafting one's because accomplishing just 1 appearance from lv1-10 already takes 1 hr+ of my time) and the added 3 at lv10, which I promptly absitively I've had enough.

Being clumsy to column on Maplestory m buy mesos Reddit for some reason, I accept bound my suggestions to check areas that could be bigger on. You can acquisition my Nexon appointment ID: Liliac. Suggestions and discussions are welcome!

If the allowance were added favorable and the benefit attributes were acutely skewed appear lower %'s, there wouldn't be any complaints about RNG. But dishing out low success ante on so abounding agency of accepting ability just exhausts a lot of people.

Failing a 30% cycle for a ages beeline and never accepting able +12 ballsy just feels bad. And the bold play isn't agitative or mechanically arduous abundant for me to accreditation hours of not accepting fun just to hardly advance and possibly accept to do it all over afresh 10+ times.

If it works for you, that's great, but it's just not the bold for me.