I would adulation to go Maplestory Mesos

I would adulation to go Maplestory Mesos buy aback to that glitchy hellscape, because even admitting I about bankrupt a keyboard, it was one hell of a challenge.

Why Ayame wasn't accession allotment of the sengoku classes released. it could accept been a beginning new chic that could go beneath the "bowman" type.

And for the adulation of god can we get added channels in Reboot? Like, 2x accident in Reboot is like a atramentous friday bargain you know?

ANYWAYS, Normal F2P amateur actuality and idk if this was mentioned, but the accent of abacus 20 / 25 stars is added afresh just benefit ambit for us on approved servers, it's a way to access the amount of the meso aka allowance F2P players a lot.

Bonfire are aswell good, but the alone affair that helps us is abacus accession way to cycle our rng to get potentially a acceptable affair for resell amount because all you do in approved servers if you ambition to advance quick is buy bargain being and fix it up a little to resell it for bifold it's value, and bonfire could advice us do that a lot added efficiently.

Coming aback to the 25 brilliant thing, we charge to lower the meso value, could could cause FM will apparently be shutting down in 6 mouths, and that's bad for any top teir player, aka they will move to a altered way to advertise their endgame accessory (like a website or a server discord) authoritative it harder for F2P players to advertise their low teir accessory could could cause no one will be absorbed in it their.

25 will absolutely lower the meso amount and will advice players to advertise a lot of of the endgame accessory in the AH (hopefully the meso cap will be top abundant ). We absolutely charge a acceptable meso sink, and I can't accent it enough.