I voted Priest because that'll be the MaplestoryM Mesos

I accept no abstraction what your talking about(ms2 will be my access to this series) but you fabricated me beam so thanx.

I saw a lot of humans claiming Priest is traveling to be overplayed so I fabricated this poll to acquisition out!

I voted Priest because that'll be the MaplestoryM Mesos aboriginal appearance I make, but I'll apparently go Assassin at the exact aforementioned time.

I was a priest/bishop in the aboriginal MS and consistently admired I could accord added damage. I'm accessible to play a knight.

Well the allocution about priest getting brimming was right. I ability just play forester or charlatan now.

Looks like charlatan is traveling to be appealing accepted as well!

I was traveling to capital a priest but it seems as if we accept plenty. In raids we alone charge 1-2 priests, 1-2 knights, and 6 DPS. I’d rather not be larboard out of Cheapest Maplestory M Mesos raids because the priest slots are filled. In MS1, I mained a abbey and lowkey got anxious if there was addition abbey in the affair back we alone bare one.

makes faculty if night aristocrat has been the a lot of accepted chic in MS1 back the alpha of time.

As far as we know, no. Consensus is that they'll authority off a brace months afterwards absolution to actualize added hype, which is a acceptable abstraction tbh.

The alley cruise quiz accept a catechism which includes all the classes you can apparently play on launch/cbt.. wouldn't accomplish faculty otherwise! So, no they'll not be available.