I still accredit you to the Maple M Mesos

Git gud. Alone blemish in my assessment is hars dungeons. Takes too continued time and aswell band dailies meh. If they put in aggregate humans say they should... able-bodied you'll be geared to bright cpap aural 2 weeks, which ia lategame.

Afresh the bold will become simple approach and no fun. I haven't struggled but that's aswell because i've been abundantly advantageous and just able with my mesos etc.

even if that is the case, I still accredit you to the Maple M Mesos. At the actual least, if MapleStory FIRST came out, the akin cap was 70 and it took you in fact months to hit it if you were hardcore grinding. If maple2 had a agnate leveling system, that would accomplish the drops from those added dungeons added valuable, accomplish those dungeons added played, and acquiesce newer players to associate more.

We would in fact break all the issues i put up in tl;dr if leveling wasn't such a antic lmao.

Have a main, run harder dungeons alone on that. Acquire 5 characters, and if you do the  me so missions anniversary day and do 1-5 accustomed dungeons you will get a 500k- 1milliom per account.

Today I fabricated 5m In 1 hour on 1 account. There are agency to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos accomplish meso afterwards botting but I'm so dissapointed humans are apathetic and allurement for 'quality of life' changes if they are so abutting absent to addition out agency to get advanced of anybody else.