I never truly got into Maplestory Mesos

Well, it's not like you in fact charge the weapon to annihilate the boss. The bold is all about the slow, affirmed bullwork (aside from potential).

I aswell currently play WoW and wouldabundant rather accept a apathetic bullwork for the complete best accessory rather than acquisitive for the appropriate titanforged accessory to bead from a arrest boss.

I never "truly" got into Maplestory Mesos, but it was a bold I went aback to so abounding times over the years, I'm abiding I accept dozens of altered accounts fabricated (due to consistently apathy my login info) and an endless bulk of characters created, alone on those servers.

Even then, I never absolutely spent added than a few weeks at a time on thier afore accepting afflicted by the microtransaction hell that bedeviled the game, even from the actual aboriginal days.

Putting that aside, I still feel actual cornball anytime I apprehend some of the music or watch an old video of the game.

I'd accept accustomed this bold a try if it kept the art-style of the aboriginal game; that "2D" apple is what differentiated Maple Adventure from the added MMORPGS aback in the day and I'd say is actual big allotment of the cornball aspect for me at-least.

lot of humans talking about how the aboriginal became abounding of micro transactions/p2w, can anyone explain how? chock-full arena about 2009 or so, and you could consistently absorb money on cosmetics and whatnot, but i don't bethink annihilation abutting to p2w. what changed?

I was about if they alien the changes. Aboriginal they alien the abeyant system. Every section of accessories had achievability of bottomward with "potential", which meant it would accept 2 or 3 curve of added stats.

Those added stats could accommodate actual baffled things like +3~12% to a carbon (which added up actual fast if every section of accessories gave it, arch to humans with 2k or added advanced in agreement of STR/INT/DEX/LUK).