I’m just actuality to adore the Maplestory 2 Mesos

Removed, and briefly banned for witch hunting. The alone you're calling out is absolute abundant still identifiable accustomed you chose to leave his user angel and the aboriginal letter on his name.

Lol dude would be killing his own business by accepting rid of meso buyers. The fuck does he anticipate humans bullwork millions of mesos a day?

I don’t apperception it. I’m just actuality to adore the Maplestory 2 Mesos bold afore it turns to closing annual like every added mmo on the market.

Ive awash like 1 fd run in my ms2 playing. And one of the two humans affairs had added advance than me, they just said they were lazy.

Selling dungeons and arrest run is the a lot of baneful behaviour I accept apparent in MMOs and it should be reportable, this is what accomplish gold sellers so attactive in this game.

It candidly is. It negates the cheap MS 2 Mesos accomplished fucking point of the game, reinforces affairs mesos, and offers huge bread-and-butter allowances to geared players. It's not abundant that they are already arch in accessory the wish to ascendancy the bold economy.

They are alone profiting because humans are accommodating to pay instead of playing, nerfing wouldn't break this blight mindset.

Capped entries wouldn't even work, they would just run with alts. These are complete hardcore players and they are acceptable to accept geared alts.