I haven't played MaplestoryM Mesos

For the CBT I'm just traveling to play whichever chic looks bigger from gameplay videos.

I'm application it as an analysis time afore chief an absolute chic afterwards the wipe, so my acknowledgment will not be the set in stone.

Picked Charlatan because that will be my CBT character. If at barrage we don't accept Rune Blader (which we don't know, back they accept alone commented on the Closed Beta classes), I will apparently go with Charlatan until it comes out. If do get Rune Blader at launch, absolutely traveling with that.

I'm so broken amid Priest or Abundant Gunner. I can't acquaint if there's traveling to be too abounding priests and I will not be bare in groups /or/ anybody will not aces priests eventually (cause too much) and there will not be enough.

Still traveling to play them, but 99% of them are just traveling to be because humans wish that girls und panzer artful of a beautiful anime babe with a gun.

It ability be becuase Gatling accoutrements are affectionate of ugly. Although it’s the abutting affair to architect chic like wildstar so I accept no choice.

When the bold in fact comes out I'm gonna play a altered chic than I do in the CBT. I don't wanna get austere out back my advance will be wiped.

I'll try them all out. So abundant of what chic I play in an MMO is how they "feel". Thief interests me based on style, I like bifold wielding daggers, application poisons, and all that thiefy stuff.

I voted Charlatan but, I'm afraid Charlatan ability about-face out to be what Paladins were in Maplestory M Mesos.

I wish to in fact be advantageous in groups/raids and able to solo. I haven't played MaplestoryM Mesos buy yet so does anyone accept thoughts?