I had acceptable times with Maplestory 2 Mesos

If you anticipate you wish to go back, play a clandestine server. The official bold is added pay2win than bisected the adaptable amateur on the market.

Ellinia has a few thousand alive players. Just google it and you can attending through them, a lot of accept how abounding are logged in at any accustomed time.

Jeez I bethink those days, bought a few actor myself. A year afterwards I abstruse what merchanting was and laughed at how bound I was authoritative money.

This is Nexon, right? I came aback to Atlantica Online afterwards a continued aperture and begin my annual had been banned while I was away. Eventually, afterwards talking to chump serivce for a month, it was bent they would not be unbanning my annual for an bearding reason.

I spent a lot of money on their game, never did annihilation illegally, and that was it. They told me to accomplish addition annual and of advance I would accept to re-buy everything. Fuck em.

I had acceptable times with Maplestory 2 Mesos Adventure until my aboriginal wife started playing, abdicate her job, started bubbler heavily, and robotripping all the time. All she did was get f'd up and play Maple Story.

She created a affected persona, told humans in bold she was a 16 year old babe so these accouchement would buy her bits and try to ally her. She would beddy-bye during the day if she was "supposed to be in school" and afresh she would play about all black and all night long. I would deathwatch up for plan and she would be traveling to bed. Federal laws were torn by this woman in her advance to accretion the basic amore of these kids, and that's a big acumen why I larboard her.

This was my Runescape. I admired the amusing aspects of the bold (good old canicule of arena amateur on the baiter rides and so on) and the artstyle is just so absorbing to me. Sadly Nexon broke it.