I can almost even acquaint the Maplestory 2 Mesos

So far, changeable Knight and changeable Thief are my admired designs.

I can almost even acquaint the Maplestory 2 Mesos aberration amid macho and changeable Rune Blader. The abandoned differences I could acquisition are the red arrangement beneath the eyes and the babe accepting thinner eyebrows.

I in fact absolutely like it. I feel like it's how genderbends should be, rather than amplifying and exaggerating their acme of girliness/manliness, things like continued hair and cuteness/beauty are not physically apprenticed to women. I anticipate that is one of the best things with anime-style that both the men and women can be beautiful and pretty.

I absolutely achievement the all-around annex doesn't get acquisitive and accomplish this acutely big-ticket with absolute activity money. I don't apperception paying a bit but if it hits Black Desert levels ($30+) for 1 accouterments on 1 appearance than I lose absorption and the buy mesos maplestory 2 bold gets arid with anybody searching identical. Or even worse an X amount of canicule rental system.

I absolutely wish to get artistic myself as able-bodied as see what added humans make. This is one of the big things that fabricated me absorbed in 4ms2 MS2.

I'm appealing abiding you can get In bold bill by acceptable assertive contest like Endure man continuing or OX Quiz, which you can redeem for cosmetics. Aswell added in bold events. Not abiding tho, we will see.

You can buy arrangement items for meso (can't be traded).

The tradeable ones are on banknote shop. On KMS2, if you were artistic again you abandoned had to buy them already with absolute money and again advertise to added players and use the accumulation to buy more.

I anticipate the amount will be agnate to KMS2 (around $15 - $20 for abounding set iirc) contrarily it'd be too difficult to advertise them for profit.

You should download abject archetypal so you can in fact see your arrangement on the model. Bit difficult to plan with just uvmap.

Do you apperceive of a bigger ability for designing things? Arrangement templates are abundant but abuse just slapping things on there is not the best.