I appear aback to it Maplestory 2 Mesos

In the alpha it was awesome. You had to plan calm with humans if you capital to do high-level stuff, but for accomplishing that you were aswell absolutely able-bodied rewarded.

Now it's all just a banal grind. No bulk if you're in a accumulation or not, no one account is account abundant for it to be account any preparation. You just gradually bullwork into the end-game.

If you're maxed and followed one of the builds afresh you're basically done. If you're maxed out and didn't chase a capital physique afresh you've absent the game.

I appear aback to it Maplestory 2 Mesos now and again, but it's just garbage. It's a apparition town, a carapace of what it was. And the tutorial they added is just a wtf. If a bold anytime adapted a re-make, it's the old-school Dark Swords. It was just so abundant fun.

I played mabi from G2 through G9, I was analytical was it was like added afresh and wow. There is added to do now, but it seems like the association is a carapace of what it already was. It seemed like the abandoned humans larboard were the elitists who actively pushed newer players abroad from the game. It's so sad, I fabricated so abounding accompany in that game.

Big Bang in actuality brought me back, as able-bodied as a lot of others. It got appreciably worse not continued afterwards though. The adeptness edge (Mechanic OP) and bloodthirsty microtransactions were just too much. Angelic Buster or w/e was the endure harbinger for me.

Oh, and the connected rollbacks from anybody abolition the server to butt and shit...

Honestly, I acquainted like Big Bang was the capital atrophy of maple, followed by the abeyant system.