I anticipate the affair is the Maplestory M Mesos

I anticipate the affair is the Maplestory M Mesos added copies you need, not in actuality the onyx/chaos onyx. Atramentous is farmable, in the faculty that you can spam dungeons with your alts and alteration it to your main, and aswell do added dungeons with admired drops that advertise for millions and use that money to buy added on.

As an alone who has yet to bright any of the anarchy raids, I would like to see nexon abode the amount issues of the bold rather than accouterment a bandaid for a acting issue.

My capital ache is that raids are mainly based on specific stats, such as bang-up dmg, piercing, etc. In adjustment to accomplish these types of stats, one accept to go through the ache of rng through the aspect change advantage and adjure to god that they are not traveling to get B4 scammed. Of course, admixture rng is consistently a possibility, but it is not a reliable way to progress.

Moving forward, I accept that nexon should not resort to nerfing or rebalancing as the band-aid for this blazon of issue. I accept two suggestions on how to allieviate the amount issue.

First, acquiesce the amateur to accept their stats during rerolls. This allows anybody to about be at even-footing with commendations to stats and it reduces the appulse of rng on progression.

Two, accept those B4 scrolls bead aural harder modes at a low rate.

I enjoyed the adversity of anarchy raids. On application day I was assured anarchy raids to be a cakewalk. I am animated it wasn't just addition harder approach with added HP.

Though, I am a close accepter that the amateur should be punished by Maple M Mesos buy poor gameplay rather than poor rng.