I afresh started arena MS2 Mesos on the US West server

I reside in the east but my appearance was fabricated in the west server wnd i dont wish to accept to restart application the east server ugh.

Sorry just to confirms the designs was not mine, but it is for SALE in-game Architecture boutique just seek keyword produce48 and voila! There’s no shoes set appear with it so u can accept any added brace that fits! Acceptable luck!

Oh just go to Meret boutique looks like a barrow with dejected meret afresh baddest Tab Architecture Boutique afresh seek for produce48, the compatible should be appears as it should.

Funny. I afresh started arena MS2 Mesos on the US West server, as able-bodied as apparent IZ*One not too continued ago.

There's this active affair traveling on in ms1, area they absolution the next big boss, and afterwards on they nerf it.As abundant as I like accepting a in actuality harder arrest and accepting lots of harder things that humans can’t do yet so that I accept something to plan towards.

I can see why they would nerf the raids. Artlessly because Nexon wants this to be a accidental game. They wish humans who are BAD at amateur to be able to play all of their game. And as abundant as I don’t like that, it’s what they wish to do, so we’ll see how it turns out.

I anticipate they didnt beggarly for anarchy raids to be this difficult from how they were talking in their ambassador blogs and accident annual and accepting pre anarchy update. but if this was the cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos case i dont apperceive how they managed to undertest it so abominably afore accessible release. the devs couldnt do it, the anarchy livestream aggregation couldnt do it (they werent even abutting with abounding +15 allegorical armor and +15 ballsy weapon) and yet they apperceive the bold is meant to be accessible admirers affable and "casual" so i they couldve calmly predicted this acknowledgment from the community.

Because if they do nerf it, there's not alone beneath acumen to adapt (like accepting annual attack), but aswell beneath acumen to apprentice mechanics (keep puddles abroad from adds, grab the bang-up as he's TPing away, hug the bang-up to abstain slams, NOT DYING).

I beggarly can we accede that annual advance is killing the game? You apperceive how abundant humans just begin out about it? In actuality a huge block of the association is traveling to be alienated from accomplishing raids because humans will alpha adage hotlink ballsy pet lv.50 and accomplish abiding you accept x annual attack.