Have you anytime played Ms 2 Mesos

Nobody has the time to acquaint you aggregate so bigger google. In short: can akin to 120+ in amount of hours, max hits went from 15k to 999999, banknote boutique p2w even worse.

Idk about accustomed acceleration but 100-200% boosters doesnt complete fun. You should analysis absolve online subreddit. Theres a continued time korean players cilia who tells how bits and all-encompassing bold it is atm.

Have you anytime played Ms 2 Mesos? It's had some appealing ample updates back release.

And already bags of fun agreeable ingame. Quests, trophies, minigame, dailies. Been arena it back release. And as maplestory has in the past, it will see added and added agreeable at a fast. Especially now that an absolute new arena is allotment the game.

As a KMS2 amateur it's safe to say that if you anticipate there is no content, you acquire never played KMS2.

I acquire looked at the a lot of accepted maplestory players bashing the bits out of kms2. You alarm quests, trophies, minigames and dailies content. I alarm dungeons, massive 5h raids and cardinal pvp with ladders content.

What you accede "content" does not ascertain what is Maplestory 2 Mesos cheap agreeable you moron. Just because you adore added types of agreeable doesn't beggarly that is the alone blazon of agreeable content.

You wan't 5 hour raids? Afresh play a bold like WoW LMAO. Don't go about adage "this bold had no agreeable because it doesn't acquire arid 5 hour raids!" It just doesn't acquire the asleep agreeable you want.