Gameplay acquaintance like account amplitude just like maplestory M

"I feel that it's just like an dabbling game. Like tap on the quest, you'll automatically move to the chance giver and complete the quest..."

Joined Asia 1 cos accepted didnt apperceive it was optimsed for HK/TW players.. welp. But tbh so far, its ok for me.. like no lag or crashes whatsoever..

If I change servers say, from Asia 1 to Asia 2, will I lose my Asia 1 characters? Can I go aback and I’ll still accept it?

Why can’t they chase the aforementioned assumption like aisle of banishment or alliance of legends breadth abandoned cosmetics are bought application absolute money. It’s a abashment that in college levels, u in fact accept to absorb on cubes to advance ur accessories if not it’s gonna be a continued aching process.

They are even bales which accord you stones to advancement weapons and armor, including the abundance boxes breadth you can get rare-unique equipment. To me it’s a p2w bold if you are even because to be on the leaderboards breadth a lot of of the top lvl players are.

I beggarly I can get what you are adage but the affair is that there are amateur which are PVE and the abandoned affair u pay for are cosmetics. For example, Aisle of Banishment is one breadth u acreage for boodle and it is rng based. There are assertive appearance breadth u can absorb absolute banknote to advance ur gameplay acquaintance like account amplitude just like maplestory M.

However, I feel that Maple M Mesos buy is not like that and u can absorb absolute banknote to get gemstones and even “mesos packages”. How are they altered from those humans who advertise mesos illegally?