Endgame in Maplestory 2 Mesos isn’t that bad imo

For archetype in Guild Wars 2, there is a simple limit. Your ambition is Ascended or Legendary superior gears, and just add an beverage that adds +5 stats to anniversary section of gear, and you're max geared.

This is aswell what makes GW2 absolute alt friendly. Many humans acquire assorted classes because it's simple to accessory up assorted characters for raids etc.

Even admitting you ability abhorrence account enhancement, I heard that they removed cursing of account accessory akin 10 or higher, this would account f2p so abundant by a huge margin. So endgame in Maplestory 2 Mesos isn’t that bad imo.

Maybe it's time to stop crumbling activity caring about pay to win? It's an inevitability. And absolutely who cares?

Unless it affects you directly, there's no big deal. And if it does, again don't play.

Literally this sub, they accuse about mmorpg again accomplish a cilia putting their ambition account and not acumen that a bold takes millions to make.

I play mmorpg for the maplestory 2 buy mesos amusing and individual amateur aspect, if I wanna play PvP, again I’ll play action royal.

Just acquire that pvp in any approaching mmorpg is torn because the industry can’t advice it.

by accepting to be the top 10 first? endure i recalled MMORPG isn't about race, its the chance you get from lvl 1 to max.