By Maplestory's P2W so MS2 Mesos shouldn't affect me to much

Disagree. Accepting able to barter exceptional bill for in bold bill with added players (I'm bold this is with added players?) has alone been a acceptable affair in every bold I've played with it, and it seems like about all MMOs acquire this now.

It gives f2p players a way to buy banknote boutique stuff, and as continued as it's trading currencies with added players, accumulation and appeal consistently seems to accumulate the bulk of p2w from this in check.

No one's traveling to argue me that accepting able to get associates in old academy Runescape for chargeless because of this arrangement is a bad thing.

Getting a pet itself is not p2w at all, anybody can calmly get one as anon as they hit 50. All pets can be set to auto-loot and auto-pot. The action of leveling pets isn't necessarily p2w by itself, but it is a apparent meso bore (and humans can advertise merets to get mesos).

Gear gems are accepted but buy Maplestory Mesos gacha boxes aren't. I kinda agnosticism Nexon will accompany this to GMS2 because of the affirmed backlash.

Not in actuality true, you could "farm" acceptable accessory in CBT1 for a absolute of 15 minutes, application a accolade from one of the CBT events. It was cool able but aback it's not in the absolute bold fishing is meh.

It was still agilely advantageous for some tonics and potions, but they affirmation to acquire removed that too.

Good to know. I'll hit it up to see how fun it is, aback I was 100% assured P2W in any case, but I don't intend to competitively advance in amateur that are whaling.

I beggarly I wasn't to agitated by Maplestory's P2W so MS2 Mesos shouldn't affect me to much. I alone intend to play it accidentally on the ancillary if I get apathetic of WoW for the week.