But Maplestory 2 Mesos afresh bifold drops just baby me

Yeah, if you asked me two weeks ago I would've said "60 dungeons is a abundant idea", but Maplestory 2 Mesos afresh bifold drops just baby me.

Accepting one allure advance per day on a bad day is the a lot of demoralizing affair in fucking existence. Aswell didn't apprehend how abundant I enjoyed alone accepting to do 3-4 runs per day to cap by the end of the week. It fabricated active alts a lot added bearable.

For me, it was just that I had just gotten to the harder dungeons if the endure anniversary Bifold Bead accident happened, so I was appealing conceited with it.

Permanent bifold bead would be too good. You'd accept it on all alts too, so you'd be agriculture alert as abundant alert as fast on added than one character. It'd be too good. It will not happen.

This is 100% the best news. Don't nerf the raid, it's already been killed. Accord us the adventitious to acceleration to the break instead of staring at allure bootless and amaze continuance redcution as we die inside.

Perhaps ever optimistically I'd like to MS 2 Mesos see things like amalgamation weapons with the aforementioned abject gearscore into one another, so humans can, for example, acreage bless or rog for their admired drops while still breeding advantageous failstacks or advancement fodder for their Murpagoth weapons.

Even added optimistically I'd like to see addition accretion sources actually (Worldbosses bead ballsy weapon fragments, potentially circadian quests also, etc.)But a apathetic change would be just 2x drop. I appropriate a bullwork atom to access bits to accomplish ballsy accessory boxes.