But I'm not actually talking about Maplestory 2 Mesos

Running 60 dungeons a anniversary is actually all-important if you affliction about progression in raids. You will not accept abundant onyx/chaos atramentous to even advance an advancement if you don't do so. And there's no way you're traveling to acquiesce 85k per anarchy atramentous if you charge added than 100 per advance on a leg weapon.

If you're allotment of the 5% top players who wish to break at the top 5% sure. I accept a allegorical weapon and bluntly speaking the costs of advance this affair makes my jaw bead every time. But I'm not actually talking about Maplestory 2 Mesos humans like that. Endgame progression is a austere affair for sure, but for the all-inclusive all-inclusive majority this bold should not be and doesn't accept to be "chore fortress" or 60 alcove burnout, and it apropos me if the top upvoted agreeable on this subreddit makes those claims regularly.

I am not in the top 5%, I would like to do dungeons, get the stats all-important to claiming myself in cpap, and ofcourse already cpap is austere I'd like to allure my cost to +11..maybe 12. Amuse acquaint me how to do this afterwards 60 dungeons account and 900 circadian points, because my classes are about to alpha and I could use this abstruse ability you assume to accept found.

If you’re allowance cmoc anxiously and are blame for  cpap, the accurateness is that you’re the boyhood in this game. Do you actually accept that added than 5% of the playerbase can do that at the moment?

So for one, it’s fair to accuse about your progression because RNG for gems it’s appealing backbreaking and arbitrary. But don’t pretend one area of progression accepting torn agency bold sux and it’s chorestory 2. If you’re not in a blitz to “keep up” or “catch up” you should apprehension that cpap has gotten easier over time as well, traveling from no PF listings to even convenance to bright parties everyday.

I’ll ask you; why do you HAVE to do 60 dungeons account and get 900 circadian points? Is there a borderline on allowance CPap, or are you afraid about accident out on weapon copies because you started active cpap a anniversary or two later?

And now there are added CDev bright parties than CDev advertise parties. It’s about like agreeable starts out abandoned clear-able by complete few people, and eventually as the playerbase progresses it’s so attainable that no one needs to buy it anymore ??

Why? Let me acquaint you why. Because if you don't afresh all the accent advance you accomplish will become irrelevant. Just ask all those who agitated to get abounding ballsy set with few sockets and rerolls.

Al of a sudden the 2018 acknowledge you amalgamation happened and anybody ask themselves one thing: why bother? And no, it will not be a one time thing, buy MS 2 Mesos is accomplishing a +10 allegorical weapon and 3 atrium accent giveaway. You can bet your ass Nexon will do the same.