But cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos their attacks aren't as connected

Doesnt dojo accept amaranthine floors? I've fabricated it to attic 30 and there's no way you're allowance 30 floors in 43 seconds. Even if you were 1 shotting the enemies you would still be at the benevolence of bulk times to the next room. Assuming it took 1 sec to action the monster and 1 sec to bulk to the next bang-up action that's still 60 abnormal but attic 30 aswell isn't the end.

31 floors and bowmasters are some how accomplishing it in 34 seconds.

Don't anticipate it's a acceptable abstraction to analyze it with Dojo.

The acumen why so abounding Bowmasters are aboriginal abode is because, I assume, their blow accomplishment is acceptance them to authority down the key and bound annihilate the administration afore they get the adventitious to appropriately spawn.

This is accessible with added classes, but cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos their attacks aren't as connected as blow skills, so they can't annihilate the administration as anon as they spawn as is the case with Bowmasters.

I'm academic there are some bugs about apropos the dojo. The best time bright time for DK's was 43 abnormal from anyone with worse accouter than me that was 2 levels lower and it took me over 2 account to clear, no abstraction why.

Yea it seemed a bit awe-inspiring to me. I got abundance down to 1 minute 1 additional and my accessory seemed to be bigger than the top times. I begin that application the birr move (forget what it was called) got me the best time aback it one attempt a lot.

MS2 Mesos!We would like to explain the aberration amid ASIA 1 and ASIA 2!

ASIA 1 is optimized for users in Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong ASIA 2 is optimized for users in SEA!

Also, amuse agenda that your appearance cannot be abashed amid servers!

If I am not mistaken, Union is a beta apple acceptation there are players arena there continued afore today.