Bethink bots in MaplestoryM Mesos is a big problem

You accept to bethink bots in MaplestoryM Mesos is a big problem. Fishing for accessory is a big no no. Epics in harder dungeons are annual apprenticed for a reason, they don't wish you to accessory your alt to from 0 to +15 in one day from a huge stockpile.

I’m searching for either a nerf to the bulk of aspect rerolls or a abatement in the bulk of bright bits that are bare for EVERYTHING. They’re so expensive.

I admiration what it feels like to plan so harder putting out agreeable and communicating with the playerbase but still accept an aggression of complaints and humans abandonment overnight.

No I do not beggarly the adventitious system. Adventitious based upgrades are fine. The botheration the advancement arrangement has is that the upgrades accord exponential assets instead of beeline gains.

Imagine accepting such a abhorrent accepting that you avert assorted RNG gating because you managed to be one of the humans who didn't get busted by it and now you wish to advertise your "I got mine" mentality appear anybody else.

Imagine in actuality accepting a cocky proclaimed 'whale' and accepting appreciative of your adeptness to absorb your way through a bold and pretend its not an affair if others don't.

These humans are the adversary of the bold traveling forward.

No they arent. Maple M Mesos buy the adversary of the bold are the morons who just wish to be fast tracked to end bold and be able to bright it afterwards any accomplishment complex because they dont accept the patience/investment and afresh abdicate a anniversary afterwards because theres annihilation to do and altercate that the bold needs added content.

Its in actuality affecting really. you anticipate whales are the humans allowance end bold but in absoluteness its the humans that do their research, acquisition out what attributes they charge on accessory to advance their effectivess, yield time to abstraction kms raids and apprentice mechanics, do aggregate accessible to advice adapt themselves and it comes as a suprise if they are rewarded.