Although Riot is Maplestory Mesos

Look at League of Legends, they are authoritative abounding use of their subreddit to promote, address bugs, acquaint with the association and abounding added things.

Although Riot is Cheap Maplestory Mesos huge aggregation compared to Nexon, our association is aswell smaller. There is so abundant abeyant actuality and it's not getting used.

The gms applicant is about 3 gigs beyond than the kms client. Why? Jett has no mobbing capabilities and it’s flashjump is an abomination.

Bt is about torn and in assertive instances you can become clumsy to use any abilities until relog. If you annihilate shao in taiwan she will beef endlessly until you abutting the client( I sorta like this feature).

Scarga runs are currently absurd due to the missing campaign system. Cwkpq is still closed. Accepted lagg and instability. Autoban arrangement is not to be trusted in all cases.

Why are abounding application addendum not acquaint as they are in kms(having to datamine to bulk out that kishin was bargain to 50% isn’t okay). Breadth is hekaton?

There are 41 classes but alone 40 appearance slots. With the access to 42 with Cadena and illium we will still be missing a class. Why is the timing for guards on Mihile ambiguous at times(this could just be my ping but sometimes the time is 1/2 a added and sometimes it’s 1/5th or worse).

There needs to be added apple alloyed as the humans who did not absorb are scuffed(khroa has an boilerplate of 5-13 fm1 shops on a acceptable day).

There needs to be added accuracy amid the aggregation and its consumers. Something like runescape breadth the adjudicator attendance is heavily acquainted central and alfresco of the game.

Runescape posts every individual change in their application addendum while we accept to adjudge which updates will and won’t accomplish it in from kms.