Acceptable affair about Maplestory 2 Mesos

From the looks of it you play Path of Exile and R6S. Actually attrocious amateur with bits content. Doesn't beggarly they acquire no content? It just agency they acquire bad agreeable that I (and majority of people) anticipate is attrocious.

And again, KMS2 is not GMS2. Aboriginal KMS had so abounding differences than Aboriginal MS. You acutely haven't played either.

Its funny you acquire to try and avert your game. Anybody can google or seek youtube to see for themselves. Kms2 isn't what the west mmo players are searching for. They even paid some top beat streamers to try it and anybody hated it with the aforementioned final say. Looks like a bold for children.

MS2 will never be popular, accord with it. Looks like a bold advised for kids or autists that adulation anime and beautiful cartoons. Path of Exile is what Diablo 3 was declared to be, so it's the a lot of played RPG appropriate now, authoritative it the a lot of accepted one. Don't back-bite on accepted games, they're acceptable for a reason. Nexon is a money athirst company, they don't affliction about the players. They affliction about their investors.

I haven't heard a individual acceptable affair about Maplestory 2 Mesos so I'm gonna go advanced and say you're dillusional. From what I've apparent it's annihilation like MS1 and it's not actually fun even if you adjudicator it standalone.

But fair abundant - amateur not for everyone.

I've heard the adverse though, anybody I've met on the CBT enjoyed it a lot.

Can't apprehend anybody to like it though.