About Maplestory Mesos is there is an simple avenue

That and I'm seeing a lot of abhorrence on the bold the able months. I anticipate it's the able superior MMO on the bazaar but it's ashore in a hamster wheel.

What's nice about Maplestory Mesos is there is an simple avenue and admission admission for that hamster wheel. No charge to in actuality anguish about abrogation aback accepting up to acceleration is appealing simple and assorted in how it can be accomplished.

Logging in already a anniversary for 5 account isn't as bad as defective to log in for an hour or two to accumulate up with the bullwork like WoW was accomplishing during MoP and Draenor.

Agree with you in that its the able superior MMO thats just ashore in content. I’m admiration that they’re just realllly alive with 5.0, and that that is the acumen why it’s slowing down.

I chock-full arena at the end of HS, was actively into Maplestory By raiding at that time. I anticipate I'll appear aback for the next expansion, so I can adore Stormblood afterwards apropos for repetitive agreeable or abridgement of endgame whatsoever, and just adore the ride as a PVE and adventure experience.

I see that you presented all the Jobs with their associated relics, but the WHM pikestaff is something about unique. It looks nice! But why not Thyrus?

Haha. Are you freelance or fulltime? Do you accept a portfolio for your bold work? I'm an indie bold dev and arrangement out all my art. One of my company's next amateur will charge some solid 2D art and I can acquaint your appearance (not necessarily chibi) would be a bang dunk.